Asana conditioning

In the light of her teacher mary jarvis, this combination of movements systematically moves through the body to build body skills, awareness, strength, and mobility for reaching new depths in ones asana practice.  


Maha Hatha


Taught hot or cold, this asana practice using traditional hatha yoga techniques, is comprised of common hatha postures an caters to all leveled practitioners. Divided into hips and splits, backbends and twists, inversions and strength, and full spectrum practice this class, practitioners of all levels are welcomed to a place of healthy challenge and introspection.



Systematically prepping the body for spine work, students are lead through a series of movements to move towards the break down of common backbend postures. These movements lubricate the spine and the mind on the quest of comfort in ones backbend practice and establish the confidence necessary to reach ones backbend goals. 


Psychic Development

Working with the ancient art of tantric kriya, pranayama, meditation, and mantra, this workshop takes the focus of practice beyond the physical form to explore the powers of connecting with our subtle body to promote profound shifts within. 



An adaptation of the Ashtanga Yoga practice combined with classical hatha postures, this vinyasa class presents a full body flow including pranayama, asana, and meditation to empower the body and enlighten the mind.



Handstands & Arm Balances

In a workshop setting, this two hour experience is meant to give beginners a taste of what it takes to start a practice of being on their hands, and more advanced practitioners modifications and adjustments for increasing comfort and versatility in their arm balance practice. 


Arm Balance/Inversions

In a workshop setting, students are lead through a series of movements to heighten their awareness in space, the use of their hands on the floor, and their breath in relation to gravity to create a framework of strength to invert. To find what each student is working on in their own inversion practice, we run through drills and postures which leave students with foundational understanding to go home and expand their study.