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Siddhi School

Of Yoga

Founded by Gianna, the Siddhi School of Yoga is a traveling yoga school, that presents a precise process to becoming a yoga teacher, helps teachers develop and reveal their personal powers and potential, and aids studios in growing their class offerings. Focused on a hatha practice, students are offered the opportunity to become 500-hour certified teachers and a variety of modules to further their practice and teaching.

Gianna has committed herself and her teachings to the healing benefits of a yoga practice. Her school, classes, workshops, and trainings stress the holistic approach to asana and the necessary union of pranayama, mudra, and meditation for yogic living. All Siddhi School of Yoga teacher trainers have over ten years of experience in the yoga industry, are yoga alliance certified, and have comprehensive study in the greater theories of yoga as a whole.

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200 hour Maha Hatha

Course one is a 200-hour program for all practitioners covering a full set series. This class assesses the body, restores harmony to the mind and shape, and re-centers the energy body allowing for complete health and wellness.


300 hour Maha Hatha Skills/Hips, Splits, Spine, & Twists

The third module consists of on and off site study for existing 200-hour certified teachers. This course focuses on sequencing classes and workshopping postures by building the body skills necessary to attain new territory and express new shapes naturally.


Progressive Hatha

Course two is a 40-hour program for teachers only. Based off a 26&2 like format, this class is a series of training techniques, third sets, and advanced postures to challenge the student’s potential.


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