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Hot Yoga Pasadena Workshops

  • hot yoga pasadena 2089 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA, 91107 United States (map)

An all leveled weekend of workshops at Hot Yoga Pasadena!

1/31 6:30-8:30 I 26&2 Master Class

$30 I $25 for hot yogi club members

Covering the classical 26&2 sequence, we will take added time to go deeper into the details of class through demonstrates, and breakdown.

2/1 12-2:30 I Posture Clinic

$50 I $45 for hot yogi club members

This posture clinic lays out basic concepts covered in an asana practice. We look at body mechanics, cover a couple main theories, and apply them to postures to help make more sense of the class as a whole. The room is low heated to keep yogis comfortable for a 2.5 hour clinic.

2/2 12-2 I Maha Hatha Strength and Inversions

$40 I $35 for hot yogi club members

The maha hatha series was created by gianna and designed to focus on letting the asanas land on the body rather than making the asanas happen. In the strengths and inversions class, students are taken through a warm up sequence to help the body understand the mechanics of inverting and arm balancing. We then break down the steps necessary to attempt varying inversions and arm balances.

This is an all leveled class!