Teacher Training

Working as the 105F Hot Yoga/Siddhi School, the 26&2 Training is a month to five week long intensive for the hot yogi. Covering anatomy, teaching cues and commands, posture alignment, meditation, pranayamas, and practical application. Completing this 300 hour course leaves trainees with a Yoga Alliance (YA) certification and Original Hot Yoga Association (OHYA) certificate and all the skills necessary to conduct a 90 and 60 minute hot yoga class.

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Continuing Education

Continuing to be interested, inspired, and active in ones teaching can be challenging at times. Gianna works one on one, or in small group settings with teachers looking to fuel their passion for teaching. Through group discussion, the study of voice and speech, a look at ones individual practice, and goals we create a personal road map for teachers to progress in their teaching.

Maha hatha

teacher training

A complete 500 hour program, the Siddhi School of Yoga has constructed a series of hatha practices meant to take the yogi through asana, pranayama, and meditation work to find ultimate liberation through mind and body connection. Practiced hot or not, these modules consist of traditional hatha and ghosh lineage postures, accomplished my anatomically aware progressions and asana training techniques. Throughout the teacher training process, students are taken through sadhana development, postural geometry, human anatomy, breath work, and meditation techniques necessary to transition a yoga student into a yoga teacher.

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50 hour

practice intensive

Moving towards the practice of advanced asana as an advanced practitioner does not ask for an “advanced body” demonstrating “deep poses.” Rather, a practitioner’s willingness of the mind to move just outside a seeming comfort and without attachment towards the unknown, maps an advanced yoga practitioner. This course begins the day with hatha class and completes the day with vinyasa class, offering a unifying range of mechanical understanding, diversity of positioning, and diverse practice methodology.

Ranging from 5 consecutive days, this open week of practice is meant to merge students and teachers passionate about practice and interested in the powers of challenging oneself through asana. This course covers alignment of common hatha and vinyasa poses, asana training techniques, pranayama work, and two asana practices a day.